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Maintenance Spare parts
As you know, your machines produce the best if you have them in optimal conditions. IFS can provide preventive maintenance to you on location through its specialized engineers. This ensures that you can use your machines optimally for a long-term maintenance fee. To guarantee a fast delivery of parts, IFS has its own stock of original parts. Quality is checked and guaranteed at home. We can also advise which spare parts kit for your application is sufficient.
Education & Training Calibration
Technology is always on the move in our industry. To keep your staff informed of the latest applications and developments, think about: “e-weighing” / GS1 encoding / EAN 128 / XML, we provide comprehensive customer-oriented education and training. In most “End of Line” applications, weighing is happening one way or another. Verifying that these weights are correct is essential for your calculation as well as your actual price calculation (given product). All this should be done as accurately as possible.