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Around the pack
Efficient, consistent, flexible labeling

Marel has launched a new high-speed labeller that employs the latest technology in flexible linerless labelling.
It creates full wraparound labels as well as C-wrap partial wraparound labels and top labels.

Efficient Band promotion
Wraparound labels make it easy for fish processors to brand their products with plenty of space to communicate essential product information and ensure a winning product presence on the retail shelf.
The M360 labeler is designed for premium labelling of all popular tray sizes and is ideally suited for skin packs.

Very easy to operate
Setting up and changing label programs is very easy – you simply press a button and the machine adjusts itself automatically, ensuring high efficiency and minimal downtime.

Environmentally friendly
Using no carrier backing paper, the M360 generates zero backing paper waste.
Other environmentally friendly features include improved efficiencies and volume applications with label reels that weigh 40% less than self-adhesive labels.

Fixed weight or catch weight
The M360 labeler is available as a standalone unit for fixed-weight packs or it can be connected to Marel’s weight price labellers for catch-weight products.
It complies with all food-labeling regulations.

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